The Education

The Education:

The School Of Witchcraft consists of 7 modules which have to be done in ascending order.
Each module has to be completed by a written exam which counts as one module exam to get the Venefica-Certification. After passing the exam the student gets a module-certification.

Each module contains:

  • the online-course
  • the exam
  • access to the virtual classromm, the “Witchbook”, for at least 6 months resp. for the peroid of the online-course + 2 months in addition

If all 7 module exams have been passed, the participant has done the first part to get the Venefica-Certification.
To do the second part he/she has to write a final paper about a subject defined by the tutors and the participant.
The education has finished by getting a positive mark on the final paper.
After this the graduate receives the Venefica-Certification (cert. ven.).

For interested people who do not like to do the whole education but only some special topics, we also offer Single Courses. Further information about that you can find at the menu “Single Courses”.

How does it work:

The online courses start at regular intervals.
The course leads you through the whole module using daily and weekly schedules, e-mails, videos, handouts, articles about different topics, additional descriptions and so on.
Because the number of participants at the online-courses is limited, the students will be ranked by the date of the incoming course-fee. Each student has automatically access to our Witchbook during his/her education. The Witchbook is our virtual classroom resp. our absolute private witch community. Here we discuss different topics about witchcraft, we interchange experiences, discuss problems, make friends and at some special times we undertake something together virtually.

The School of Witchcraft is completely independent of location and can be attended worldwide!

You can register for the School of Witchcraft at any time! Upon registration, the participant will automatically be allocated to the online course with the next possible start date. The order will be made after receipt of the registration and the course fee. If the maximum number of participants is exceeded, the participant will receive a fixed place in the next following online course.

The Venefica-Certification:

The Certification of “Venefica” or “Veneficus” is a standard which tells about the witch’s knowledge and skills.
To get this certification the student has to pass 7 module-exams. In addition he/she has to show that he/she is able to work scientifically on his/her own by writing a final paper.

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