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Welcome to the School Of Witchcraft

Since 1998, people of all genders have the opportunity to be trained in our school to become a certified Venefica or a Veneficus (lat. =Witch).
However, there are many different ideas about what a witch actually is!
Many of these ideas are based on late medieval superstitions and fairy tales, some of them still maintained by Hollywood & Co., which have nothing to do with reality.


A “Witch” – What’s that actually?

For this explanation we prefer the word “hag” which is more similar to the German word “Hexe” for “witch”. An etymological explanation you can find here.
“Hag” – the hedge-rider – a woman who is riding on a hedge.
However, this is not just any hedge, but the hedge that separates the world on this side from the world on the other side, the so-called “other world”.
A witch can switch between these worlds and thus mediate!

Witches are (and were) special people who make it their life’s task to help other people as well as “Mother Nature” and to guide them through times of crisis with their wisdom.
Witches were: Midwives, healers, herbalists, psychologists, spiritual guides, naturalists in general, sociologists, but also magicians, visionaries, astrologers, dowsers, cartographers, priests of the prevailing natural religion, and so on.

Since most parts of this formerly holistic “job description” have been dismembered into specialized individual occupations, people have lost their spiritual contact with themselves, other beings and nature.
Today’s main task of witches is to re-establish a holistic consciousness for themselves and others.


The School Of Witchcraft

Our school was founded in order to restore the old, correct image of witches – away from the indoctrinated image of the “evil sorceresses”, which they were denounced only in the Middle Ages by a misunderstood and abused religious power.
We impart the knowledge of witches not only from a spiritual point of view, but also use modern scientific knowledge and explanations to the same extent.
Our school is not (in the negative sense) an esoteric or religious association!

Interested people of all denominations as well as “followers” of the scientific worldview can attend our school with a clear conscience…
… But there is a warning:
Witches are free, wild, nature-loving creatures. They are solely responsible for their own conscience and intuition – they are free in every aspect!
The way of the witch is NOT a hobby!
To be a witch is a way of life!

If you are ready to explore the world with new eyes, to liberate the “wild woman”, the “wild man” inside you, to direct your life to your intuition and to live a life in harmony with the rhythms of nature – then you have come to the right place. 

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