The Association

Culstar e.V. (registered association)

Why Culstar?

Time went by and has brought a lot of different cultures, traditions and knowledge to the European culture. However, our forefathers had a rich knowledge and we made it to our mission to safe this knowledge and turn it into modern language so that it cannot be lost.
But we won’t make the mistake to take this knowledge without a proof. It’s just done like everything in our school according to the motto: “Proof it before you bind yourself to it”


  • European Meditation Techniques
  • Life- and Earthenergies
  • Radiesthesia (Dowsing with rod and pendulum…)
  • Runes and druidic tradition
  • Western Astrology
  • and so on

We believe in the saying that: “Everything that grows in the own surrounding it the best for the human who also lives there”.

Purpose of the association:

Culstar’s aim is to let our society find the contact to nature again to wake the human spritual power that everyone has inside.

Our Offer:

Our offer for you:

  • Lectures
  • Guided nature hikes
  • Extensive courses

For parents who want to make guided hikes through nature with their children we offer the possibility to organize these during school holidays.

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