Regular School

Each module of the regular school includes:

  • Skript,
  • Examination paper,
  • Online-Course and
  • Access to the Witchbook for at least 6 months
Per module € 155,-

Single components


Single Scripts:

Single scripts per module (including Witchbook access for 6 months) per module € 110,-

Online Course:

Online Course (only together with the single script of the particular course) per module € 49,-

Online Course Repetition:

Repetition of an online course already finished before per module € 25,-

Witchbook access extension:

extent the access to the Witchbook for additional 2 months € 15,-

Examination papers:

Examination paper at the end of each module per module € 70,-
Final exam of the whole school including support during writing your final paper free

Exercise Courses in Austria:

Each course (2 days) per participant € 250,-

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