Grounding & Meditation

Single Courses


To meditate and open your soul is the basis for all magical activities. That’s why Module 1 of the School of Witchcraft deals with this very large topic very intensively.
However also the medical aspects of meditation must not be underestimated. They reduce stress and bring your mind back to the presence.
A little part of Module 1 deals with the Rune dance, which we want to teach you in this single course.


Rune Dance

In this course you learn the rune dance. It’s a very effective part of the runic meditation technique.
The rune dance consists of a sequence of specially selected runes. Each rune supports your body with its different energies. Through the special combination and sequence of the used runes, the energy of your body starts to flow very effectively. The rune dance can be learnt easily. It calms down your mind, releases blockades and makes you ready to feel energies, why it is the basis of all kinds of magic!

Learn the rune dance within 7 days for € 29,-



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