We have asked our students to write reviews for those of you who are not yet at our school, but may be thinking about whether the education is right for you.
Thanks to our students for taking the effort!

And here we have posted some of them online for you:

“Like many people, I was trapped in my hamster wheel of work and everyday life and for years I ignored the desire of my soul that there was more to come. Suddenly, the pregnancy of my first child opened a window that I wanted to use. What for? I wasn’t quite sure. By “coincidence” I came across this online witch’s school during my search and felt totally addressed.
I don’t know any other education which is as comprehensive, profound, enriching and at the same time scientifically as this one.
Both my head (scientific part) and my heart were and still are satisfied. If you want to do this school, you have to be seriously willing to deal with yourself. You don’t learn ready-made texts, interpretations and instructions here, but you start looking for them yourself. You will be guided step by step and receive a lot of support from the teachers and us – the classmates. You will get to know a lot of tools that will help you on your way.
And you get to know yourself. Your creativity and initiative are in great demand when it comes to producing what you need. It is about recognizing the connections and integrating what you have learned into your everyday life.
If you are willing to do so then come to us – we look forward to seeing you. ” 
– Andrea, 45


” I came across the Culstar Witch School on the Internet in search of a school which offers good education and after extensive research of its website and modules, I decided to register for the first module. I especially like this school because it is suitable for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner in this field or a little bit advanced. You always learn something new.
There are very nice teachers in this online school, who really answer your questions and help you on the way to becoming a witch. The online classroom offers opportunities for exchange with other fellow students, which I consider very important.
I can recommend this school of witchcraft with a clear conscience, because there is a lot of old knowledge and nothing is passed on that has not been thoroughly checked before!!
I don’t regret this step under any circumstances! ” 
– Venefica Veda, 42


” I have now arrived in the fourth module and I am very enthusiastic about this training! It is extremely exciting for me and I practically stumble from one “wow” experience to the next. I have already taken many courses in this area, read books and have trained myself where I could. Nevertheless, I was at the point of somehow not making any progress and I was frustrated by the many unanswered questions inside me.
I also had not made so good experiences in this area and sometimes felt very small in the circle of my teachers. I was also discouraged from internet schools without personal contact.
All I can say is, what am I glad to have landed here! I have more personal contact than I could ever have wished for, I am being instructed and encouraged! I feel part of it, as a witch!
I’m a student and I have not had the feeling of being unable to do anything since I’ve been with you!
Many, many thanks! ” 
– Birgit, 34


” I’m not the great writer, but I feel good with you… Not too pushy and mega nice and respectful, I have already recommended your school: -)))” – Miriam, 45

” I just had a good feeling from inside of me when I signed up for Module 1. After a lot of research I had only two options, either the bard course at OBOD or the Culstar – The School of Witchcraft, which I decided to do. The course was versatile, varied and fulfilled my expectations. The atmosphere is familiar and friendly. Would recommend it anytime:)” – Nathalie, 53


” I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know exactly how to go on, what path to take. I knew I had to change something, but I didn’t know how.
Then I saw the ad from the Culstar School of Witchcraft on my social network. The website of the school immediately addressed me and I knew: this is it! But: I didn’t dare at first; I struggled with myself for a long time.
Why? I have a firm Christian faith and asked myself the question: can it somehow fit together? My inner feeling screamed: yes! And my head cursed: no!
I have listened to my inner feelings and dared to take the step and I am happy about it; have not regretted it for one second.
My place is right here!
The school of witches not only imparts incredible knowledge, it strengthens our self-confidence, awakens primal instincts, accompanies us in questions of life and helps us to rediscover ourselves!
I would do this step again and again!
If you want to find your true self, this is the right place.
What are we doing here?

“We start with the cards,
do seminars with stars;
With the rod we divine, how fine,
presume with our pendulum.

We dream with trees, at ease
and blithely dance with plants;
with rising fear of any debacle
we simply ask the great oracle…

… and play and work with energy,
for it is real – will always be!
Know! Trouble dies through witches advise,
so don’t befool – join our school!! :-)” – Claudia, 49

Editor’s note: I think you notice that we have a lot of fun here, too! Thanks a lot for this wonderful poem! : -) 


” I signed up for this online school on recommendation and have never regretted this step.
The whole support is great, there is a family atmosphere among the witch students and the teachers are first class.
The training itself is very well-founded and goes into great depths. This is sometimes strenuous, but you are really trained here.
What I like very much is that everyone is allowed to be the way he or she is, and accordingly the teachers deal with the personality of each person individually. So, full score for the witch school Culstar! ” 
– Amelie, 30

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