greek/latin for "able to feel radiation". The word was created by the French A. Bouly who was international known as a water seeker during world war the first.
He was honored for his excellent radiesthetic performances in 1950.
Radiesthesia is the ability to find different radiation by using a pendulum or dowsing rod. The process of doing this is called dowsing.
In first case radiesthesia deals with finding earth energy lines and underground water but also the measurement of electric smog belongs to this topic.

Earth Energy:

Earth energy can basically be divided into harmless and harmful quality.
Harmful earth energies, also called geopathogen zones can be:
  • Global grids
  • Geological downcasts
  • Breaks and underground vugs
  • Ore and coal

Harmless earth energy can be found at so called "places of power" which can mostly be found at ancient religious places and pagan sanctuaries.

Geopathogen zones can favor general chronic diseases when influencing someone for a long time.

Underground Water

Water veins or underground water which causes energetic fields.
It can favor the following diseases when influencig someone for a long time:
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depressions
  • Inflammations of all kind especially rheumatism and arthritis
  • Enuresis
  • Cancer

Electric Smog

80-90% of our lifetime we spend inside buildings or other rooms. 70% of this time we stand outside the sleeping room e.g. at the work place, in the car, in the kitchen or in front of the TV. So the whole day we are surrounded by electric devices which we need in everyday life. All of these electric devices produce electromagnetic radiation and some of them also when they are turned off. You can't see it and you can't feel it and it's called "electric smog" which can be gaged by using a special measuring instrument.
When you abandon electric devices there are still all the electric installations in walls, floors and also external imission like high voltage power lines or transformers.

Also cellphones must not be underestimated!
Electric smog can stress the human nervous system and the heart.

What to do?

What YOU can do to protect yourself from different consequences of different influences:

Earth energy and water veins:
  • Location:
    Use a divining rod and dowse in your surrounding. Consider especially locations where you remain for a long time like working space, Living room or sleeping room.

  • Removal:
    Try to avoid these zones by relocating your furniture to reduce the time you spend on these zones.
Electric smog:
  • Beds:
    should be at least 2 meters away from electric boilers, refrigerators, electric stoves, washing machines, heating pumps, TV, fuse box and so on.

  • Electric devices:
    which are not powered on all the time like TV, coffee machines, copier should be turned off completely (NO stand by!!). Just plug it off.

  • While sleeping:
    pay attention that your head is at least 1 meter away from water and heating pipes. Often so called equalizing current uses these pipes and produces magnetic alternating fields in the sourrounding of the pipes.

  • Power off switch:
    Let an expert install a "power off switch" especially for your sleeping room.

What WE can do to proctect you from the effects of earth energy, water veins and electric smog:

Earth energy and water veins:
Electric Smog:
  • Location:
    In case you live nearby we exactly locate harmful electric smog and give you individual advice.

  • Removal:
    Attention Suppressors!