Witchy Kitchen

"There exists a herb against every kind of sickness" says an old proverb.
However only a few people use nature's pharmacy to heal their diseases. Most of the people take chemical drugs in high doses regularly. They often seem to forget the side effects of those drugs.
At the beginning of the last century the chemical industry started to overrun nature's medicine. Chemists analysed herbs and started to make synthetic drugs out of the much cheaper petroleum. So the pharmaceutical industry replaced the herbage garden.
During the last years the trend goes back to the roots and nature and its products becomes more important again.
Western people seem to get a different opinion about health and food. Just think of the many different biological products at our superstores.
So it seems that nature's medicine returns again slowly.

Because of that even two modules of the School of Witchcraft deal with this important topic. Module 5 offers the basis for e.g. collecting healthful herbs and Module 6 explains how to produce special potions, ointments or paints and how to use them.