Health & Nature

Take a rest

Nowadays we stress ourselves (body and soul) more and more. So it becomes very important to plan enough time for relaxing.
We all own a language everyone can understand. It's the language of touching to console, heal, love, or ease pain. Through a special kind of massage and energy the body can relax and become stronger during stressing situations.
Most people don't feel their body's stress anymore because it became part of their daily lives. When those people try to relax they realize how hard it is and how it hurts sometimes.

Relax your mind

"Meditation" is a Latin word ("meditatio") and means "thinking, reflecting". There are many different types of meditations like Yoga, Mantra-meditations or meditationen which work with imagination.
Meditations are used to carry the senses onto other levels of consciousness.
During the first meditation level a feeling of relaxation and stress relief can be reached.

Unfortunately nowadays meditation is still underestimated though it should be part of the daily personal hygiene like brushing your teeth!
Therefore: Meditate! ... and if you don't have time to do it, meditate twice as much!

In case you do not know a kind of meditation yet, we offer the possibility to learn "Runic Meditation" by attending Module 1 at the School of Witchcraft. This kind of meditation was founded in Europe and is therefore directly linked to our culture. Our tests and research showed that this kind of meditation takes much faster effect on Europeans than e.g. eastern methods.

To help you meditating we offer a special Meditation-CD which you can order here at the service charge of € 20,- (charges to be added).

Energy of your body

The so called chakras are the body's centers of energy. They are interfaces between the material and astral body. Chakras give energy to our astral protection coat (Aura) to keep off negative influences.
When chakras are blocked e.g. because of stress, depressions, deseases or similar factors also the aura is influenced and is not able to work properly. In this case people tend to getting new deseases and being easier influences by their surroundings.

Through a well directed treatment chakras can become well balanced again and energy blockades can be solved.

In case you are interested in such a Lovo Nestas Therapy just contact us by eMail.
As we are a non-profit organization we forward your request to one of our Lovo Nestas Specialists.
The service charge for this treatment depends on the way and duration of the treatment and amounts normally about € 110,- per hour