Astrology & Tarot


"Astrology" comes from the Latin word "astrum" or the Greek word "astro" = star and Greek "logos" = knowledge, apprenticeship. So "Astrology" means knowledge of stars.
Astrology deals with the so called synchronicity between stars and happenings on earth. So you can interprete Astrology as a kind of statistics that uses stars as fixed points during the recordings of different occurrences. People tried to e.g. record the frequency of special characteristics of persons who were born at the time when the sun was currently passing the constellation "Taurus".
The results of these statistics are the basis for astrology and can now be used to interprete horoscopes.
Astrology makes it possible to learn about things that happen on earth by the interpretation of star positions and their correlations.
The main field of astrology is to notice human characteristics to help people at their decisions.

We use astrological sessions to help people in life crisis, partnerships, diseases, career planning, at team settings, etc. and at using magic of any kind.

Creating horoscopes and using astrology you can learn at module 4 at the School of Witchcraft.

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The origins of the Tarot known nowadays, can already be found in the 14th century. Tarot is a complex oracle game. Its structure is linked to the system of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Basically Tarot consists of 78 cards and can be divided into two groups:
  • the major arcana with 22 cards (arkana lat.= secret)
  • the minor arcana with 56 cards
During the ceturies a lot of different laying methods have been developed but only a few have survived this long period of time without a change.
Tarot can generally be used for the same opportunities as astrology.
Reading the cards on your own can be learnt at module 2 of the School of Witchcraft.

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